Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring and beginner kayakers

Took J for her first time kayaking three weeks ago, at Cherry Beach. Nice easy access by walking from the car park across the sand and just a short stretch of ice. :)

Following weekend, went with her to Credit. Pretty serious high water. Put in at Streetsville. After she launched there may have been some yelling when she froze and I pictured her going over the weir 400 metres downstream. We practiced eddying in and out, but didn't run it. I blame a momentary lapse into wisdom.

This past weekend, J and I went to run the Credit, and Geoff and Thomas decided to join us, last minute. MEC doesn't rent ww boats anymore apparently, but they managed to get some from Europebound in Oakville. Oh, but they were sea kayaks! Much flipping ensued. Water level had dropped a couple of feet though, so it was good and tame fun.

Bought a new jacket (given up on second one reappearing) that afternoon, and J and I went to Cherry Beach to test out our new gear (she also got a wet suit - apparently it's a cold swim). To make it three times in two days! (got to grateful, regardless of context, at my age) went down the Humber the following day. Not totally boring. In fact, almost immediately J managed to get herself wedged sideways on a couple of tiny rocks, and slowly get flooded, until I grabbed her stern and pulled her free. May have been some crying. Sheesh. I mean, it's not like it was her first time in white water... Had a great time for the rest of the run, saw lots of trout, got lots of sun, and stayed dry.

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