Friday, October 02, 2009

Last splash

Tim had a stop-over in Toronto on the way to Africa, so I joined him to be tour-guide, and spend time with my Toronto friends. Nigel organized an awesome trip to the Madawaska for some white water canoeing. Shawn was also there, which was great to increase the average canoeing skill in the group, while Noah...not so much on the skill front, but a good job on boosting hilarity.

Normally alone, I can increase the likelihood of a group epic, but with Tim there two, it was practically guaranteed. And we didn't disappoint: late Sunday evening we found ourselves canoeing/kayaking down the river, with head-lamps on, heading towards a class 4 rapid (i.e. we probably wouldn't have attempted it in the daylight). Luckily we found the portage before the rapid.

Having Nigel along, on the other hand, increases the chance of having a frisbee and good food (particularly bacon). Two for two...Nigel finding another use for a frisbee, and check out these flame-grilled beauties:

Looks like we got our last dip in the water just in time, as snow is forecast for this coming weekend!