Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thai cooking school

In the first week of our holiday, we did a family day trip to a Thai cooking school on Siray Beach, Phuket. Super fun, learnt a lot, and stuffed ourselves with great food.
Dragonfruit at the Phuket Town market beforehand
"Can I have a volunteer please?" Brendan on centre stage.
Creation number two: papaya salad, complete with rose made from a tomato
What could be more dangerous than five Holmeses with knives? 
And because we're Holmeses, we went running during our break, rather than sit on the patio overlooking the bay. Also, nothing says pristine beauty like a random garbage bag sitting on the beach.
Mum showing off her culinary chops.
Oh yes, what you need after five courses is some fruit to snack on. Ok, yes, we ate them. Dessert stomach? Longans and I think longons, mangosteens, and rambutans - mmm!