Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowshoeing the 'Dacks

Paul, Craig and I headed down to the Adirondacks in NY state last weekend to go camping. It was forecast to get a bit nippy. An early rise on Saturday in Ottawa but a slightly slow departure had us crossing the border around 9am, with an exclamation of "In this weather?!" by the border agent, and departing the car park at 1:30, with another warning of "I would *definitely* not advise taking that route at this hour!" by a ranger...while the other said we'd have a blast. :)

And have a blast we did: after making the very chilly summit by sunset, we descended the other side and made camp shortly after dusk. After wolfing down Paul's pasta and a little port, we found that the leftovers had started freezing, so we squeezed into Nigel's 3-man (we decided it was actually a 3-dwarf) tent for a cozy sleep. Up at the crack of 9am for an excellent brekky, and by 10am the next day it had "warmed" up to -25 degrees. Lovely sunny day for the hike out, and except for Paul breaking through the ice at Avalanche Lake and getting a wet foot, it was a "walk in the Park", as they say.