Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Velocity RR, Aerobic Power TT

The road race's plan was to attack, attack, attack...except for the odd man out, me, who was going to sit in as plan B and be ready for the sprint. Plan went well, I had a bit of fun near the front thwarting attempts by the non-represented teams to organize a chase, and although Stephen was sheparding me for the last few km, I was biting on every (fruitless) attack (mistake number one) and then flinched when someone swerved toward me with two km to go (mistake number two)...balanced on the edge of the road for 10 metres, before rolling into the ditch. Race over! Bugger. But Alex stayed away in the break and got a solid second place, to put him spitting distance from moving up to cat 1/2.

Next day I was less organized than usual (my bikes were being transported in Mike G's van (thanks!) and I had trouble finding him)...a quick warmup, realized I didn't have a number on yet, but made it to the line in time number-less. Hit it as hard as I could have hoped on the way out, passed some people and felt great. On the way back I was passed by rocket-man Trev and another guy (that I passed back, take that!...then subequently was re-passed by). Got a 4th for my efforts, and beat my previous PB by 2 minutes and 10 seconds!

The TTT was wicked fun. Alex and Keith are super-strong dudes, and we hit it pretty hard. Rotations weren't perfect, but we felt great about the pace and think we did well. No word on time or results yet.

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