Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hail, rain, snow, and....time trials?

We've had some pretty nice weather for the past week or two in Calgary, particularly on the weekends. So it was a bummer to see this Saturday's (today's) Speed Theory ITT land on, and be bracketed by, days of forecast rain and even snow. Given that a) it was not a mass-start event, and b) so many people had signed up and/or spent many an hour in organizing the event, race director and Speed Theory el capitan Trev made the ballsey decision to go ahead with the race. And a good thing. The weather cleared up, and despite a bit of hail reported by some racers, it was generally pretty nice weather.

A straight, not-yet-driven-on new stretch of highway was the fantastic venue, with barely an incline to be seen. The significant head/cross wind and very wet road were a challenge, but everyone I talked to after the event was happy to be out.

But the big news was my first win of my cycling career!! After coming last in my last TT last year, few (including me) saw it coming, but apparently the hard work over the winter paid off. A big thanks to Speed Theory for hooking me up with my sweet ride, the Cervelo P3C, Trev for the lend of his race wheels (get well soon, buddy!), and Rob for his TT helmet...certainly I would be well down in the rankings without your gear.

The stats:
distance: 30km
time: 42:49.5
average speed: 42.03km/h

And before anyone says anything, yes, I bet I could save a few seconds by closing my mouth! :)

Photo by Torin Segstro

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