Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Between jobs

I had my last day at Online last Tuesday. So no desk job until at least September, when my contract with H&R BLOCK ends. Wednesday I slept in, just barely started my morning workout in the morning, and made crepes in the afternoon. So far the new lifestyle is agreeing with me.

Free banana for anyone who can guess the five toppings :) (shipping not included)


n said...

Well, there's the obvious. Bananas, strawberries, some form of sugar (probably not icing sugar, but that would work best) and I'm guessing maple syrup. So that just leaves the last ingredient - and the options include:

1) the Aussie. Please tell me that there's no Vegemite on this...

2) the Cyclist. EPO? CERA? IV bag of your own blood?

3) the Albertan. a 6" steak is just off-screen.

4) the Epicurean. Truffles! Not just for dinner anymore...

5) let's see, you're not working - so it's got to be Rum.

Lockie said...

haha All good guesses there, Nige!

I figured you'd be most likely to get it, except that you guessed first (albeit 5 times).

First three are right. Didn't have maple syrup on hand, and the last was a good compliment.