Friday, April 20, 2012

Ca-rib-EE-an or Ca-RIB-ee-an?

Heading to Puerto Plata this afternoon! First trip to the Carribean!

AND...I got a new kiteboard last night! Woop! (why use a period when there's exclamation marks to be used?!)

So how do I pack this baby? Tried a hockey bag: not long enough. Snowboard bag: not wide enough. Relive last year's bike travel madness with a bike box? Turns out it fit nicely, but three bears told me I couldn't...haha Actually, I didn't want to because lugging a big cardboard box around airport sucks, and it basically guarantees baggage handling charges. Was just about to head to Silent Sports to blow a morning and $200+ on a kiteboard-dedicated travel bag, potentially one of the golf-look-alike types, when I saw a large bag in the basement: L's golf travel bag! Fit everything perfectly! Board, two kites, harness, bars and lines, and even a pair of flippers. (Yes, I asked first :) )

A quick check of the weather forecast.
An elaborate practical joke? More importantly, the wind:
Boo! Time to find out if a kite can handle a lightning bolt on Wednesday arvo, I reckon!

Don't worry, I'm not expecting any sympathy... ;)

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