Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canadian Classics Season 2011

The Classics season is here, and along with the Paris-Roubaix comes Canadian Roubaix Madness in Canada!! I need to figure out what I do after a successful/woeful Redlands and subsequent return to Canada. Gravel is so fun (first word that popped into your head when you saw the photo above? "fun", right?), although it's possible too much sun down here has fried my brain. Anyway, I'd like a reset before another ramp to the next big race. Given that I don't know what part of the country I'll be in for each week of April, I might as well prepare for any eventuality. Here are the options I've found...any others you know of??

Here they are, west to east:
Local Ride Barry's Roubaix, 10 April, Pitt Meadows BC
Speed Theory Pre-Roubaix TT & Prairie Roubaix RR, 16 & 17 April, Calgary AB
Ottawa Bicycle Club Paris Roubaix, 16 April, Ottawa ON
Tour of the Battenkill, 10 April, Cambridge NY


90rpm said...

Battenkill gets top US teams and is epic length.

Ottawa in April:
Apr 10 - Clarence-Rockland Classic (soft gravel roads about 85k)
Apr 16 - OBC Not-the-Paris-Roubaix (75k)
Apr 17 - Calabogie Classic RR - road race at Calabogie Motorsport Park
Apr 22 - OBC Good Friday TT

Good luck at Redlands!

n said...

How about:
* Paris-to-Ancaster?
* Tour of Bronte
* Tour of Pelham:
Maybe look into some Montreal or Quebec action? Or more NE US stuff, like out of Philly or VA.

Lockie said...

Cool, thanks guys! Most likely I'll either be in Calgary, waiting to make the drive with team mates, in which case I'll hit up the ST race. Or I'll have made drive and feel like a sack of spuds...not Battenkill form, even if it isn't a UCI race anymore.