Thursday, March 16, 2006

Climb on!

Wednesday morning, Jess, my Mum and I played 9 holes of golf. Mum hadn't played before, and shooting 62 over par was understandable. I would have broken 50 for the 9 had I not gone 7 over par for the first hole....we're thinking of waiting till next year to go pro!

That night, we went in to "the city" (Melbourne) to see the Lion King. Much craziness with the 40,000+ that were also going in, for the opening of the Commonwealth Games. The show was great.

The next morning Jess, bro Brendan and I left before sunrise for Mt Arapiles. With so much to do this holiday, we only had time for a day trip. Brendan had his first pair of rock shoes to try out, and I got some more shiny new toys at the climbing shop in Natimuk (closest town to Arap).

I was hoping to get a couple of climbs in, including a multi-pitch, but reality dictated the events of the day, and we got on our first climb at 12:30: Watchtower Crack (16, roughly 5.7), 4 pitches. Wild climb...included some slab, chimney, face, laybacking, stemming, and awesome exposure. Fun had by all.

By the time I had a powernap (for an hour and a half) on the way home, we got in at 3am. But since we finished climbing in the daylight, I figure that's not an epic. :)

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