Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sunny Sydney

Jess and I flew to Sydney for the last two days of our trip. The first evening we were there, we saw a play at the Sydney Opera House called "Doubt". Really good, try to go if you get the chance.

Went for a drink at the vodka bar afterwards. Upstairs was the "minus five bar" which they refrigerate to -5 degrees, give you a down jacket and you get to sit at the carved ice bar and drink out of glasses made of ice. Neat idea if you live in Australia, but just seemed like ending the holiday early to us! haha

Next morning was the Sydney Fish Market, which was great. Zillions of types of fresh-off-the-boat fish/seafood to be bought from a bunch of vendors, plus the option of buying said seafood cooked and ready to eat. Yum!

Then it was off to Bondi. Ate the Bondi Icebergs (what is it with the references to cold temperatures), which was part of the Bondi Swimming Club clubhouse overlooking the beach. Very cool. Then we walked along the cliffs to Bronte Beach and swam in the surf right in front of the "Dangerous Currents, No Swimming" sign.

Next morning, we walked around The Rocks (old, harbourside area of Sydney) like dutiful tourists we are. Waited around till a few minutes after an appropriate time to leave for the airport, then rushed back and grabbed our bags and bundled into a taxi.

Bye, Australia!

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