Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Games

Went to Shepparton on Friday to see some of my relatives. They have lots of wacky plastic/fibreglass cows around the place, much like Toronto with its moose.

Jess and I went into Melbourne on Sat, toured my old neighbourhood, ate at my all-time favourite pizza shop and watched a triathalon. Did I mention Melbourne is hosting the Commonwealth Games while we're here? Anyone reading this probably does, i.e. does not live in the US. Australia only won the bronze and gold medal for that event, which is why we only have half the medals. Bah. But that gives the tv stations enough fodder that you wouldn't know there w
ere any other countries competing! In all seriousness, the triathletes were amazing. They were able to run 10km in only twice the time I would take to do 5km, AFTER cycling 50+ km and and swimming god knows how far (and I kind of fancy myself as a runner).

Sat night, we met up with my good friends from my home town: Simon, Sharon, Terri, Trev, Claire and Steve. Played a murder mystery, which was kooky and fun.

Went swimming/windsurfing with my family on Sunday. The usual debacle with trying to get everyone out the door. Afterwards, Jess and Brendan and I drove to Phillip Island to see the Fairy Penguins. Very cute. By the time we finished there, all the camping/caravan parks were full or their office was shut. We decided to just crash at one and pay in the morning, then found out we'd left the tent poles behind. So we drove to an empty area and slept in a paddock under the stars. It didn't rain much. Was awoken the next morning by a variety of noisy birds: 4 kookaburras, a rooster, 30 galahs, magpies...

Saw a bunch of koalas at the conservation area, then drove back to Melbourne and watched the bronze medal games of the squash, then caught up with Simon.

Today, I played squash against my brother and Dad while Jess met with some work people. Hello tax deductible airfare! Saw my good friend Margaux for a brief moment, then Jess and I went and saw a bunch of track and field events at the 110,000 capacity MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

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